Welcome to Summer Oslo and 

Festival for choirs

in the capital!


Norwegian Choir Association is pleased to welcome choirs, ensembles, vocal groups, singers, conductors, beatboxers and more heartily welcome to the festival in Oslo 29 May to 1 June 2014.

It will be exciting days with a rich program, the opportunity to singing a lot, experience summer Oslo, listen to great concerts, participate in exciting workshops - but not at least, meet many nice people who share your interests.

It all ends with an amazing feast banquet.

The registration form for Choirs can be found here: Registration form

Individual registration for choir members, those traveling alone, and other start in week 44! The choirs who register quickly and pay entry fees will be first in line when the individual registration begins. So, if you are a partisipant, you can NOT register before your choir has registred and paid the fee. There is two different forms, one for the choir and one for the members of the choir. Do the first one, pay the choir fee, then wait for the second form :)

If you want to translate the contents of some of the Norwegian-only pages, try out Google Translate. You will be surprised​​​​!