​​​​​​​​​​​​Price list

Registration fee for choir​

For member choir in Norwegian Choir Association (prices only choir must consider)​

Choir with more than 12 participants NOK 2000,- EURO 240,-
Ensembles with 12 or fewer participants including musical director NOK 1,000,- EURO 120,-

Not members of the Norwegian Choir Association (prices only choir must consider)

Choir with more than 12 participants NOK 3000,- EURO 360,-
Ensembles with 12 or fewer participants including musical director NOK 1,500,- EURO 180,-

Festival fee for participants (regardless of membership)

Singers in choirs registered NOK 495,- EURO 60,-
Companion to the singers in choirs registered NOK 200,- EURO 24,-
Soloist in SOLOSLO-chorus (includes seminars with leader for SOLOSLO) NOK 450,- EURO 55,-

Prices one has to take into account at registration 

Some rates are shown as NOK 250/300 - it means the price before/after 5th March 2014

All seminars are priced equally and costs separately NOK 250/300 EURO 30/36 (total of 1,000 seats).
All concerts are priced equally and costs NOK 270/320 EURO 33/39 (total 3000 seats).
SigthSING (see description) including dining, entertainment and guiding NOK 530/700 EURO 65/85.
Banquet - gala night with dinner and entertainment NOK 750/900 EURO 90/110.
Shuttle buses to the gala night (is spun off as part Oslo participants provide transport themselves) NOK 100 EURO 12.
Conductor delight - a sea voyage​ only for conductors NOK 690/850 EURO 84/105​​.

Transport Needs of infirm are free during the festival. Enroll during enrollment.

Hotel prices and availability are subject to a new round of negotiations in writing. Prices are published as soon as they are present and will still be ready for the individual entry in week 44. Our pre bookings of hotel rooms only valid until the New Year. Booking and payment must be made ​​before then to take part in this offer.

Everyone going to get singing - for free!

Singing in one or more of our scheduled scenes in the city center, Tjuvholmen, the Opera or under a Sight Sing ride is free. Costs of scenes, sound, lighting technicians and covered by the organizer!

Registration to sing on stages is done after New Year when all the choirs have been reported and we see how much pressure we get on this. We address then to the registered choirs with overviews and recommendations etc.

Important about changes regarding payment

If the participant makes changes after an invoice is issued or an amount is paid by credit card via the web, we charge you an administration fee of NOK 200,- EURO 24,-. Such changes are often demanding in terms of time and Choir Association is dependent on using other resources to such tasks.​