​Choir Courses​

Choir Classic Course

Instructor: Birgitte Rosenberg (N)

This is a classical choir course where there is an emphasis on folk and classical music.

  • Litle fuglen, Ødegård
  • Dagen viker, Ødegård
  • Han Tarall, Ødegård
  • Bruremarsj fra Østerdalen, Indrehus 
  • Kyrie, Fagertun
  • Abendlied, Reinberger
  • Vitae Lux, Smith
  • Morgon, Persson
  • Sleep, Witacre
  • Little lamb, Tavener
  • Ubi Caritas, Duruflé

Birgitte was educated at Telemark, Hedmark and Music Conservatory in Tromsø, and directs several choirs in Norway.


Choir Classic Courses Advanced

Instructor: Vivianne Sydnes (N)

This course is for those who have a lot of singing experience and can read music - and who wants to work with a little more demanding repertoire.

We will work with timbre and intonation, and will work until we get to the bottom or to the top of this wonderful music!

We shall sing music of Britten and Poulenc, both festive composers in 2013. It feels important to recall some of Hovland's best music. And we will let attribute of both tearful and funny madrigals.

  • Britten: Hymn to St. Cecilia SSAATTBB 11 min
  • Poulenc: SSATTB Sept Chansons 15 min
  • Hovland: How long, O Lord. 6 min
  • Monteverdi: Zefiro torna
  • Monteverdi: Lasciate mimorire
  • Weelkes: Sing we to pleasure
  • Vautor: Mother, I will be a husband
  • Certon: La, la, la, je ne l'ose dire
  • Gesualdo: dolcissima billion vita.
Vivianne is associate professor of choral conductor at the Academy of Music and has been cantor at Nidaros Cathedral, with responsibility for Nidaros Cathedral Choir.

Rhythmic Choir Course

Instructor Jesper Holm (DK)

Chorister Rate Rhythmic Director Jesper Holm (GB)

"How do we make att marvelous jazz sound in a choir?"
Jesper Holm focuses on working with the elements, they are particularly special for vocal jazz.: Harmonic complexity swing feeling, jazz phrasing, sound / blend. We work with repertoire selection from Jesper group Touché, inspired by The Singers Unlimited, Count Basie Big Band and others, it is primarily Jesper own events which also include a small tribute medley to the Danish bassist Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen, in particular his pop / jazz ballad "Those Who Were" from his collaboration with Lisa Nilsson

Jesper Holm teaches choral conducting at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus / Aalborg and has given courses and workshops at several other institutions in Europe. In Norway, including on HINT Levanger.
Jesper ensemble Touché has specialized in vocal jazz, and gives concerts in Europe, Canada and the U.S. and has most recently worked with the Danish Radio Big Band.

Choir Vocal Group

Instructors Course Vocal Group Pitsj (N)

Three members of the vocal group Pitsj who will have 3 groups of 12 people. The group is for beginners who have not sung vocal group before, and group for those already singing in a vocal group.

On this course you will gain an insight into the singing in the vocal group. Singing in the vocal group is different than singing in the choir - one fewer singers and generally only one song on each voice. Each individual has a greater responsibility to keep the whole together.
Singing in the vocal group is challenging but also very fun! In this course we will focus on
  • Rhythm / groove
  • Sound / homogeneity
  • Lead Vs. accompaniment (foreground / background)
  • Listening / interacting
We will rehearse arrangements of famous songs from the popular musical world. In addition, there will be a small introduction to basic microphone technique.
Instructors are:​
  • Anja Eline Skybakmoen
  • Anine Kruse Skatrud
  • Wenche Losnegård